kirjoitan sulle koska
(I'm writing to you because)
Joint exhibition with Outi Koivisto, Katja Raunio and Milla Toukkari
Third Space and Runokuu-festivaali (Poetry Month festival), Helsinki
17,15 x 24,10 cm
Happy birthday dear namesake

(being, feeling, condition)
5 x 9 cm

she am
I are
you is
Photo: Outi Koivisto
in touch 
8 min​​​​​​​
23.8.2018 at 13
Maarit Mustonen, Maarit Mustonen, Maarit Mustonen, Maarit Mustonen, Maarit Mustonen, Maarit Mustonen, Maarit Mustonen, Maarit Mustonen, Maarit Mustonen and Maarit Mustonen were thinking of each other for 8 minutes.
Äidit ja tyttäret 2 

(Mothers and daughters 2)​​​​​​​
5 seconds (9-minute loop)
The sound of my mother's voice reading a quote from Tuija Lehtinen's young adults' novel Kundi kesätukkainen (Guy With Summer Hair, 1996): "Voi sinua Maarit. Milloin sie oikein opit erottamaan toden ja unelmat?" ("Oh, dear Maarit. When will you learn to tell the difference between dreams and  reality?"). The sentence is from a conversation between the mother and the protagonist of the novel, a 16-year-old Maarit Mustonen. 
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