WATER FALL 3 consisted of a sound piece and a performance at SIC gallery's Kesärulla (Summer Roll) exhibition in June 2017.
Photos of the performance by Iiri Poteri and Tumoas & Aleksi Närvä.
Photos of the exhibition by SIC.

Listen the sound piece WATER FALL 3 in Soundcloud 
Singer: Anna Kupari
Recording and editing: Jani Hietanen
The sound piece WATER FALL 3 (2017, 15 min) was based on recalling the previous part (no. 2) of the WATER FALL series, a 12-hour performance. The written memories where interpreted through singing by artist Anna Kupari.

Lyrics in English:
a scene on the beach
sinking material
flowing material
someone comes in
sunlight comes in

bubbling sound, a stream or a catastrophe


I remember I was tired, so so tired
just like a drop of water in the bottom of a glass jar
I did not cry
I could have cried of sorrow

I spin fast amongst the ice blocks, it was a holy form
you spin amongst the ice blocks yes
I remember it, you run around the tarpaulin
I’m jumping in the middle, and you read aloud
wearing wet socks
again someone walks in and sunlight comes in
you look at me to suggest that we would jump together
now I hold your hand, you don’t hold my hand
I’m not sure but I remember it
you sit and you read and I put my head on your lap
I spin on the floor
a spiral movement, a landslide or an avalanche
until I hit the wall and you follow my movement
I drink peppermint tea in a paper cup and I laugh and you laugh
and we laugh together
it was hot and dangerous, so dark with all the lights
next to a tree
so many wet towels and I carried all the ice

I look straight in the eyes of a dog
it’s a dear dog and it’s scared of me
I do what I do, the dog is afraid of me
I’m sorry dog, I’m sorry dog
now this is real
oh damn
now this performance is done
go away
go away go away go away go away go away go away go go go away
now this is real

mmmmmm mmm mmmmm mmmmmm mmmm mmm mmm
yes I remember
we sit and listen, the ice blocks talk to each other
I wipe your feet, you massage my feet with a pink towel
around us
I wipe flowing water
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