Performance (30 min)
with Anne Naukkarinen
Hanasaari Culture Center, Espoo

the 19th of June 2018
Hi Maarit, how are you? I have holidays now and I’m writing to you while laying on the bed. I thought it would be great to write like this, like me being here in Helsinki and you being there in Copenhagen. Hey,
I also thought that we could imagine a performance again…imagining through words has been lately our way to begin a new thing, right?
the 6th of July 2018
Hi Anne, sounds like a good idea! I’m writing this while I’m waiting for you to arrive here. I wonder if you’re in the air now, somewhere in the sky. Have you experienced any air pockets? Or storms? How is the person sitting next to you? And how are you?
I’m doing fine. I’ve been swimming here almost every day. The body of the sea is massive, I’m very small in it. To be in the salty water feels like being in a lap of a huge organism. Or maybe there are two organisms, the water and the air, negotiating, and we’re diving in both of them. Putting my head underwater changes everything. Where are you?
WATER FALL 7 took place at the pool area of Hanasaari Culture Center in the opening event of ~in waves~ residency by curatorial duo nynnyt. The work was the 7th part of WATER FALL, a series of performances and installations, started in 2016.

Photos by Jakke Nikkarinen / Hanasaari 
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