hear her ears here
Performance (1,5 hours)
with Anne Naukkarinen
Glyptoteket, Copenhagen

hear her ears here was a site-specific performance at Travers festival in Glyptoteket museum, Copenhagen. The starting point for the work was the local Danish language that we do not understand. We transcribed a text for our performance through listening people speaking Danish in Glyptoteket and by writing down what we hear and how we hear it. The performance was based on improvisation and repetition, and it did not have a narrational beginning or an end – the viewers could decide for how long they wanted to stay with the piece.

We shared hear her ears here in the Glyptoteket’s room number 10 that hosts the sculpture of Demosthenes (384 - 322 BC), a Greek statesman and an orator. Demosthenes is considered as one of the most important public speakers in the Ancient Athens. According to a story, Demosthenes suffered from speaking problems in the beginning of his career. It has been told that he practiced by speaking with pebbles in his mouth and, to strengthen his voice, he spoke on the seashore over the roar of the waves.
hear her ears here was a continuation for ikkööhäik – I'm ok

Photos no. 1,3,4 by Marie Raffn, photo no. 2 by Rine Rodin / Travers​​​​​​​

The work was supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland and Frame Contemporary Art Finland.
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