Download the book ikkööhäik–I'm ok as a free PDF on the publisher Forlaget Gestus website
future is uncertain: as is past and present
Some weeks in June 2020 Artist in residence at Saaren kartano with Anne Naukkarinen, Mynämäki, FI
3.7.-9.8.2020 Group exhibition with Anne Naukkarinen, Helsinki, FI 

9.-26.7.2020 Solo exhibition at gallery Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki
Group exhibition Research Pavilion #3 Info Lab with Lena Séraphin's Wording group
Reading performances during the opening on Thursday 24.10. at 17-19 and the Concluding Seminar
on Saturday 26.10. at 11-12
Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki
Artist in residence at Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Lumsden, UK
September 2019
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