Ikkunat | Windows
Text on windows – yellow decal
Multipöly Room and PUBLICS, Helsinki
Small sentences placed on the edges of the windows tell about the past of the two art spaces through their windows. Each of the six window panes presents one sentence in both the local Finnish language and in English. The sentences are based on the memories of the residents living in the buildings and public and private archives. 

The work was part of Ikkunajulkaisu Eurantiellä (Eurantie Window Publication) and the exhibition COUPLING with Vlatka Horvat at PUBLICS in June 2023. 

Pictured below together with Vlatka Horvat's Views (Remembered), text in window – beige decal. Graphic design is by Arja Karhumaa.

Multipöly Room


Supported by Kone Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland
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