The work Maarit Mustonen was a group meeting of Maarit Mustonens. It brought together nine people from around Finland who were strangers to each other but who all share the same name. Our meeting was a one-day gathering during which we got to know each other, discussed about our name and the experience of meeting others who have ”my name”.
The public part of the work was an open party, a performance, in an exhibition space. Maarit Mustonens were present in the event amongst other guests. Author Tuija Lehtinen, who in 1996 wrote a novel with a protagonist called Maarit Mustonen, also visited the party. 
During the work I collaborated with docent, university lecturer Terhi Ainiala. We arranged a course on name and identity at the University of Helsinki and the students could follow the organizing of the group meeting. Three of them  made a research project of the meeting of Maarit Mustonens.
The work was supported by University of Helsinki's Teachers' Academy / Terhi Ainiala. 
Photo: Tiina Palmu
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