Eurantie Window Publication: Multipöly
Multipöly is an experimental publishing collective that I founded in 2021 together with graphic designer Arja Karhumaa. Pöly is Finnish for "dust" and "pollen", our metaphor for diversity, mixing and spreading, for communal making that breaks and mixes hierarchies and categories. Cross-pollination creates new knowledge and new life. 

Multipöly creates publications that mix the different disciplines of art, graphic design and other fields of publishing. We aim to experiment and enrich what publishing can be and do in contemporary art and graphic design.

Ikkunajulkaisu Eurantiellä (Eurantie Window Publication)
Ikkunajulkaisu Eurantiellä (2022-) is an experimental urban space publication in Vallila, Helsinki. We use the window of the Multipöly Room as a publishing platform and a place for new texts that we commission from artists, activists and researchers from different disciplines. We implement texts as window decals, displaying one text at a time for approximately a month. 
IG @ikkunajulkaisu_eurantiella
Browsing Room
Browsing Room (2023–) is a monthly event where we open up our reference library for everyone. Our small collection includes books and other publications around graphic design and typography, publishing, reading and writing, contemporary art, and artistic research. Everyone is welcome to browse and chat about publications.
Spring and Autumn School of Publishing
The Spring and Autumn Schools of Publishing (2023–) organised by Multipöly open up perspectives on publishing as a self-organised activity through specific themes, by way of discussions, proposals, making, and spending time together. Despite their title, the schools are informal and low in hierarchy: there are no teachers, but sheer wonder and knowledge production are achieved together. The Schools serve as a starting point for experimental publications, “Papers”, which will be published afterwards. The aim of the Papers is to document and expand the knowledge that has been developed together and to share it with a wider audience. 
Arja Karhumaa and Maarit Mustonen: Multipölyn perustamiskokous 03.03.2021 (Multipöly's founding meeting 03.03.2021)
Maarit Mustonen: Plural
Upcoming: Kirjojen luontaiset viholliset (The Natural Enemies of Books). Translated by Arja Karhumaa 
Upcoming: ir ja. Olli Aarni & Maarit Mustonen

Eurantie 8–10 LH209
00550 Helsinki, Finland  

Multipöly website
IG: @multipoly_publishing
Eurantie Window Publication: Linnea Mettälä (2022)
Eurantie Window Publication: Mirya Nezvitskaya (Mimi Veter) (2023)
Eurantie Window Publication: No Putin No (2023)

Multipölyn perustamiskokous 03.03.2021. (The founding meeting of Multiopöly 03.03.2021). Artist's publication by Arja Karhumaa and Maarit Mustonen. 28 pages + image annex. Multipöly 2023. 

All graphic design by Arja Karhumaa 
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