Eurantie Window Publication: Multipöly (2022-23)
Multipöly is an experimental publishing collective founded by Arja Karhumaa and Maarit Mustonen in 2021. We make publications and probe publishing as a concept, as a site, and as a practice. Pöly is Finnish for dust or pollen, our metaphor for stirring and scattering.
We currently publish Eurantie Window Publication (Ikkunajulkaisu Eurantiellä) and organize a monthly event Browsing Room (Selailuhuone). Eurantie Window Publication is an experimental publication presenting new texts from artists and writers in the window of Multipöly Room in Eurantie, Helsinki. Browsing Room is a monthly event where we open up our reference library for everyone. Our small bookshelf includes books and other publications around graphic design and typography, publishing, reading and writing, contemporary art, and artistic research.  
Eurantie Window Publication: Linnea Mettälä (2022)
Eurantie Window Publication: Roxana Crisólogo (2022)
Eurantie Window Publication: Stina Saari (2022)

Multipölyn perustamiskokous 03.03.2021. Artist's publication by Arja Karhumaa and Maarit Mustonen. 28 pages + image annex. Multipöly 2023. 

All graphic design by Arja Karhumaa 
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