Part 1 - Workshop
Part 2 - Sound Performance
Part 3 - Party and Publication
Series of 3 events and a publication
With James Prevett and Kalle Hakosalo, Tiia Toivanen, Stephen WebbRachel McIntosh and 11 children who participated the workshop
Part of Patsastellaan / Parties for Public Sculpture
Produced by Zodiak – Center for New Dance

A three-part series of events at the Muuri / The Wall temporary sculpture on Töölö bay, making, performing and gathering ‘scores’ that are published to continue their lives through future interpretation.

Part 1 – Children's Workshop
Saturday 14.08.2021

Making sounds, drawings and a collective artwork/visual score around the Muuri sculpture.

Part 2 – Performance
Sunday 29.08.2021
Percussionists Kalle Hakosalo and Tiia Toivanen use the collective artwork as a visual score for a sound performance with Timpani drums and found objects including marbles, egg slicer, cups and tiles. Composer Stephen James Webb interprets the performance and transcribes it live into a musical score.

Part 3 – Party & Publication
Saturday 04.09.2021
The publication Parts (for Muuri): scores containing the children’s visual score and Webb’s musical score is launched. The final score is performed by opera singer Rachel McIntosh. Visitors receive a free copy.
Parts (for Muuri) was conceived by artists James Prevett and Maarit Mustonen for the Muuri sculpture and the Helsinki Biennial. It is part of Patsastellaan: Parties for Public Sculpture, an ongoing project by James Prevett where artists are invited to make a new public work for a public sculpture in Helsinki. Begun in 2017, Patsastellaan: Parties for Public Sculpture has produced 11 collaborative events around the extensive public sculpture collection of Helsinki.
Muuri by visual artist Joni Kärkkäinen and dance artist Jukka Tarvainen was a both a sculpture and stage for a series of parkour dance performances, produced by Zodiak – Center for New Dance.

Photos of the events: Ilona Burtsoff / Zodiak
Parts (for Muuri): scores
8 pages 
25x35,3 cm
Edition 200
Printing: ProAldus / Painotalo Plus Digital
Price 7 €
The publication is for sale in:
Publics, Helsinki
The Temporary Bookshelf, Helsinki
Bladr, Copenhagen
and directly form me: maarit.mustonen (at) and James Prevett 

The publication was presented in Publics 9.10.2021 in the Month of Books with composer, musician Kaisa Siirala, who interpreted the scores with flute.
In Linnamo Prize ceremony for James Prevett musician Anu Luukela interpreted the scores with cello. The event took place at gallery Forum Box 24.11.2021.
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