Performances (2h & 1h) 
with Hanne-Marie Lefevre 
Piece for artists' book 
Kroppens Kalke 
Forlaget Gestus, Copenhagen

resonate –  to resound, to amplify, to have an emotional response on to something
Two open-ended, improvisation based performances that played with the interaction between two performers, their words, voices and movement in the space. A long roll of paper was used to trace and record the events of the performances and was later transformed into a piece for an artist's publication.
Kroppens Kalke
Rasmus Halling Nielsen, Gideonsson/Londré, Maarit Mustonen & Hanne Marie le Fevre
Published, edited and designed by Forlaget Gestus
Printed at KLD Repro, Copenhagen
Edition of 100

Buy the book via Forlaget Gestus and at Bladr, Copenhagen

Read about Kroppens Kalke and Forlaget Gestus at Politiken (in Danish).

The work was supported by Paulon säätiö and Arts Promotion Center Finland
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