Xerox prints (A5, A4, A3), installation
Poems is a work of visual poetry and installation that consists of Xerox prints that I have made by copying my own poems and found verses while at the same time moving the paper. I have run each poem through a series of movements and ended up with a thick stack of images. The work is from 2016, at a time when I had gotten interested in poetry and questions of dance.
Installation view in Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow in group exhibition together, noting 29.11.2021-30.1.2022 curated by Margarita Osepyan. Supported by Frame Contemporary Art Finland. 
First exhibited at group exhibition Kielikuvia curated by Aurora Ala-Hakula in Culture Center Caisa, Helsinki, August 2016.
Published in Nuori Voima magazine as one of the poetry debutants of 2016.
Published in poetry magazine Tuli & Savu in 2016.
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