Translator's Note
(Nota del traduttore)
Performance (10 minutes)
with Anne Naukkarinen and Valentina Roselli
Accademia Albertina, Turin, Italy

Translator`s Note is a piece for two performers, a dancer and a reader. The dancer listens to an Italian monologue read by the other performer, she moves in relation to it and the reader. The dancer doesn't understand Italian. The movement material of the dancer has been created by examining the experiences of not-knowing. The monologue of the piece explores the idea of writing as movement and plays with the absence and the presence of the writer in the performance situation.
In collaboration with: 
Anne Naukkarinen – choreographer, dancer
Valentina Roselli – performer, reader
Katja Mäkkylä – Finnish-Italian translation and assistance in Helsinki
The work was supported by Finnish Academy of Fine Arts / University of the Arts Helsinki
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