Artist's book
Maarit Mustonen’s artist book, titled Plural, contains excerpts derived from a gathering of nine individuals, all named Maarit Mustonen. The artist, Maarit Mustonen, orchestrated this specific meeting in Helsinki in 2016. The book documents this collective experience through fragments of thoughts.

The text fragments are excerpts from interviews conducted in collaboration with linguists. In the long leporello book, the thoughts and experiences of nine individuals sharing the same name converge and intermingle. 

This small-sized book can be read by holding it in one’s hands or fully unfolded. On the reverse side of the text pages, a crafted marbling pattern unfolds, capturing the trace of a lengthy and meandering movement.

Plural was published as part of COUPLING, an exhibition by Maarit Mustonen and Vlatka Horvat in June 2023 at PUBLICS, Helsinki.

Offset-printed leporello with a cloth-covered cardboard case
11x17 cm, 56 pages
Interviews by Elina Lasma, 
Emma Perälä and Reita Kööpikkä
English translations by Eve Lahikainen
Graphic design by Pauliina Nykänen
Printed by Tallinna Raamatutrükikoda
Bound by Esko Salonen Master bookbinder
Edition 200 copies
Supported by Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Octopus Programme

Published by Multipöly
ISBN 978-952-65122-1-1

Price 30 euros 

For sale:

Arkadia International Bookshop
Photographic Gallery Hippolyte Bookshop


9 copies of Plural in the COUPLING exhibition at PUBLICS (2023)

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